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Working with documents is an integral part of every job. Documentation improves workflows in projects by defining the process taking note of decisions and statuses, and keeping track the smallest and major details that make up the overall picture. Documentation is often overlooked, but it’s essential to the success of any company or company.

Techniques for documenting are used far beyond the traditional definition of printed texts. Documents can refer to any representation of data that is physical including drawings, photographs videos and more. All documents are.

A document may be structured as an article, semi-structured such as an article in a newspaper or book or unstructured like writing a note. Documents may be classified as public or private.

Whatever their format or format, most documents produced within an organization adhere to certain conventions or standards that are universally accepted. This ensures that all new documents have a similar appearance and basic structure. This results in more transparency and uniformity in the workflow of documents within the organization and ecosystem.