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An online game is a game that is partially or predominantly played via a type of computer network, typically the Internet. Its scope ranges from a basic text-based multiplayer game such as World of Warcraft and Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) to virtual worlds populated by several players simultaneously. It is a feature of modern video game consoles, computers and mobile devices. Online gaming is a lucrative revenue generator in addition to the traditional sales of video games that are software, hardware, and portable systems.

As opposed to video games with a set end time the online games can go on indefinitely. They often also involve social interaction between players that can be located anywhere in the world and transactions – usually points or game enhancements but sometimes real money – take place in virtual environments.

Online games can be free or paid-for; they can be played through a Web browser or through an application that is standalone or even have numerous features, such as chat forums, communities, and forums. A lot of them are designed for young children, and an increasing number of them feature social functions designed to help kids connect with other players.

Despite the popularity of many online games, some experts suggest that they are addictive and can cause problems with appetite, sleep and concentration. Some experts believe that excessive gaming could be an indication of mental health issues, and should be treated by an expert medical professional. Despite this, the vast majority of gamers are responsible and many parents use video games to teach Best Lego their children about the importance of school, work and healthy lifestyles.