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A board portal is a piece software that assists organizations with their governance tasks. It lets directors organize meetings and collaborate. The system also permits information to be accessed and distributed in a digital format eliminating the need to distribute physical documents, or search through email threads to find relevant information. A board portal software well-designed portal for boards can improve the efficiency of discussions at meetings and ensure that crucial information is not lost in the decision making process.

One of the main reasons why boards portals are being used more and more is that the use of these tools can reduce administration, increase the engagement of board members and increase the quality of decision-making. It also helps organizations reduce costs by cutting down on paper documents as well as meetings expenses. It can also aid in better board communication in between meetings.

Directors and administrators must take into consideration their requirements and needs when choosing the right board management software. The solution must be, for instance simple to use by individuals with all levels of knowledge and not have a long learning curve. It is also crucial to determine how reliable the company is and if they have a strong support staff for customers.

Board members should have access to a mobile application or web portal that allows them to log-on any time, anywhere and from any device, regardless of where they are. Thus, they have access to all meeting documents and receive any last-minute updates. It is crucial that the system has an e-signature capability that allows directors to sign documents electronically.