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Even though the days of board meetings that took place in person are long gone, it is still important that boards have effective voting procedures. With so much of an organization’s success being based on the board’s decisions it’s vital that the procedure is as transparent and efficient as possible.

Fortunately, the modern technology of video web-based voting and conferencing makes it possible for board members to take part in meetings and vote remotely. This will save time and money for the organization and the members and can be a beneficial solution for those who can’t physically make it to in-person meetings.

It is important to be aware that voting remotely by board members comes with potential pitfalls. In the first place, it is vital to ensure the board follows a strict policy for all votes. It is also essential to know the legality of voting by email, since some states prohibit it when certain requirements are not met.

It is crucial that the entire board is informed of the results immediately they become available. This will prevent any confusion or miscommunications, and ensure that no member feels that their opinion was not taken into consideration. By following these steps you can ensure that your board’s remote voting procedures are as efficient as possible. Govenda is an application that allows you to manage the board’s voting in more intuitive efficient, secure and secure manner.