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Utilizing the latest mobile technology and rapidly evolving cloud technology Board management software can replace email and paper as the primary means for directors and administrators to access meeting materials and fulfill their governance responsibilities. The best solutions are those that meet the requirements of both groups. They provide tools to save time for administrative staff as well as tools to make it easier for directors and administrators to review and digest information prior to, during meetings, and afterwards.

First, board members should identify their “must-haves” in a solution. By identifying the key features, like note taking on board paper or secure document storage can help narrow the list of options. This will help streamline the process of evaluation. The right tools will mean that directors can focus on delivering value to the company.

The administrative side of the equation is next to be analyzed. It is crucial to select an agency that has been providing board portals that meet the requirements of a variety of organizations. Look for providers who have an impressive track record of success, and a deep understanding of the business.

Meeting preparation for admins is simplified by using simple tools to create agendas and share documents, as well as create polls and vote, and make minutes. Meetings are more efficient when agenda items are connected to relevant documents, and one click moves the documents into draft meeting minutes that can be read on any device. The enhanced security features, such as real-time notifications and the ability to share annotations or hide them completely, as well the option to share with specific people, ensure that the information you share is accurate and up-to date.