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The boardroom is the space in which those who manage the operation and management of a company meet. Board members are elected by shareholders and are held accountable for the decisions they make. They are accountable for dealing with the most pressing issues that the company may be facing, as well as fulfilling their role as fiduciaries in behalf of investors. Issues that fall within their authority include the hiring and dismissal of senior staff and establishing the broad goals of the company, supporting executive duties, and ensuring that the business has sufficient and well-managed resources at its disposal.

The term is used to refer to a meeting room or conference room or any space where a group of people holds discussions on important business issues. These meetings often include presentations and other materials to assist in the decision making process. The sessions are typically held in a separate room from the rest of your office, to minimize distractions and to protect your privacy.

These rooms could also be equipped with sufficient tables with enough seats to accommodate all of the individuals present for these important discussions. These rooms can be equipped with video conferencing facilities for board meetings which are held remotely. The boardroom is the place where crucial decisions are made. These decisions can affect everyone, from employees to investors who own shares of the company. The decisions made could be significant in everything from the way a company runs, to its bottom line and in some instances even the economy.