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In Board Diversity, directors bring diverse skills and experiences to the table. The mix of these different skills creates a forum for discussion and debate which leads to a variety solutions to problems. This type of conflict that is productive enhances the effectiveness of boards and improves business performance. This benefits shareholders and all others involved in the business.

Diversity in boards can also offer insight into the culture and preferences of various social groups. This can help businesses better serve their customers. This allows for greater understanding of the market, and can help to increase profits and growth.

As a result, diversity is no longer an issue of visuals. It can have a significant impact on the bottom line and any business seeking to gain an edge in this highly competitive market should put diversity on the top of their list.

A diverse board can also lead to an environment that is more inclusive that attracts and retains talent, which in turn leads to increased productivity and an advantage in competition. A recent Deloitte study discovered that 80% of workers believed that diversity in the workplace was crucial to them.

To ensure that their boards are representative, companies should find new board members who can be mentored in order to prepare them for a boardroom role. In addition they should consider looking beyond their existing business connections to identify candidates with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Spending time to accomplish this will help build stronger and more resilient business, and will ensure that the voices of all stakeholders are heard in the boardroom.