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A board meeting online is an ideal way for your organization to run productive meetings without the physical constraints of a physical gathering. Utilizing an online tool for board meetings, you can save time and money by eliminating costs for travel and manual procedures such as registering attendance and writing the minutes. It can also help increase the number of board members to include people who are unable to be in person.

It is easy to start an online board meeting but you’ll need the link for each participant prior to the meeting. It could also be beneficial to send members a link for a test meeting members prior to your first meeting, to make sure all of their equipment is functioning correctly.

A clear agenda is essential for the success of a virtual board meeting. Include a “any other matter item to address all issues that aren’t covered in the meeting. This helps keep your agenda moving in the right direction and boost productivity.

Make sure to plan each discussion topic with a deadline and the outcome you want for each. This will give your board members a sense organization and will allow you to get through the meeting in a timely manner.

By providing attendees with copies of your agenda as well as any other pertinent documents and other documents, they will be ready to share their ideas. Video conferencing is also a great tool to use in board meetings. It will boost engagement and give participants the chance to see each other’s body language.