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How to Select a Board Meeting Software

Virtually running a board meeting is a great method of keeping everyone engaged. There are many different tools that are not the same, particularly when it comes to meeting efficiency and accessibility. When you’re evaluating tools to manage board meetings look for a simple interface that is free of distractions. It should also require minimal training. Look for features like integrated video conferencing that allows you to run your meetings in one place and allow you to focus on the task at hand rather than switching between different tabs and applications. Choose a solution that offers tutorials, workflow training and tech support to ensure that your board members are able to adopt the solution smoothly.

One of the most used features in modern board management software is real-time syncing, which means that once your directors log into their board portal, they’re immediately presented with the most current version of each document. This eliminates the need for admins to gather and distribute documents following a meeting, which saves the time and effort. Additionally online collaboration tools allow board members to take notes and communicate their thoughts in a collaborative format, which enhances meeting preparation and the outcome of meetings. Certain board-level platforms also allow voting between meeting attendees which is a great method to come to a consensus on governance policies and hiring decisions. In the UK section 360A, the law allows businesses to utilize an online voting system instead of a hand-to-hand vote. The outcomes of each decision are recorded, increasing transparency and investor confidence.