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The boardroom is the center of every company. The boardroom is where important decisions are made, as well as strategies are devised to ensure the integrity of the corporation. The impact of these decisions will be felt by all involved – from the employees a business employs as well as the investors who own the shares, to the economy itself. It is for this reason that it is crucial that the boardroom to be properly furnished.

A well-appointed office, such as our shared offices and collaborative workspaces will reflect your quality standards and business ethics. This creates an impression on your clients and reinforces their trust in your company. We offer a variety boardrooms that can be adapted to meet the needs of different meetings. Our rental package includes all the equipment, training, and ongoing support.

We also offer a boardroom as a service option that lets your team book a room on an occasion-by-occasion basis for a nominal monthly fee. This includes all the latest technology to support video conferences and presentations. Our Newline Q+ interactive screen will allow you to hold meetings and collaborate with teams online and in person.

Boards are now required to go paperless in order to enhance the user experience at meetings. Digital platforms aren’t only helpful in ensuring the accuracy of meeting minutes, but also to complete other tasks, such as creating agendas and approvating motions. With the digital boardroom, you will reduce the cost of printing and distribution, and also the time it takes to prepare for each meeting.